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Aside from the opportunity to make many new friends, here are some additional perks to consider:

You will receive our quarterly "Sweet Talk" Newsletter.  Our newsletter is full of information about upcoming events,  meeting minutes from both the WA ICES and Sugar Artists of Washington State business meetings and fun photos and descriptions of recent demos or artistic creations.  We invite our members to send in any ideas, recipes, or patterns they would be willing to share.  It is your newsletter and it needs your support.

Attend our Meetings - Our meetings are held four times a year in various cities in Washington.  Each meeting may be held in conjunction with a local cake show or weekend Day of Sharing gathering.  We try to schedule demonstrations that will reach all interests and skill levels.

You are eligible to win Scholarships - All regular members are eligible to win scholarships.

A Member in good standing has voting privileges, receives a newsletter, and is eligible for scholarships.  If you are interested in joining the Sugar Artists of Washington State, please contact us at the link provided below.